Social Media & Public Notification

Social Media & Public Notification

EMAN- 620  Information Technology in Emergency Management (2168)

Your response should be exemplary, think critically, precisely, clearly and then express yourself succinctly. Each posting should be a minimum of 150 wordsper question and REQUIRES citation to reference sources, no more than 3 years    OLD !!!!!.






This is a Social Media Exercise 


Task 1 Accountability:


  • On Wednesday morning I will be sending out a tweet that indicates a mock disaster has occurred.
  • When you receive this you are to report your status as ok, or Needing assistance or other.
  • You must include a location as well. You can use a generalized location such as a neighborhood or city if you prefer.

Task 2 Messaging:

  • Create/Tweet a specific and unique message that promotes Disaster preparedness.
  • Here are a few examples that you can modify, or create one from scratch:


Each student must submit Questions 1&2 in the assignments folder.

Question 1-Accountability: Provide a simple report on the accountability of all your fellow students. Include the location and time after the original tweet was sent.

Question 2-Messaging: How many times was your message retweeted? Provide a screen shot .



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