Changes in the Land

It is to be a short research paper based on the book “Changes in the Land” by William Cronon(I will upload to you).
And the opening paragraph should briefly address these two question:
– what is this book about?
-What is Cronon’s thesis.
And the research paper will include the the answers of the question/topics which professor give to us. All instructions will be in the addtional file ‘requirements’.

Organic foods are healthier than non-organic foods


In the “additional materials” section, I attached a copy of the last essay I wrote for this class so you can see my writing style. It is called “Why The Second Amendment Needs To Be Repealed”.

For this paper, I need a research essay, about five pages with approximately five sources. The sources can be from online articles but they must be reputable – not wikipedia and such. The essay should state my opinion (that organic foods are healthier than non-organic foods) and back up this claim with supporting evidence using research. This is an English class that focuses on writing clear and well organized essays

Below is my thesis sentence, some topic questions that can be answered in the essay and the professor’s criteria for evaluating the essay.

Thesis sentence:
Organic foods are healthier than non-organic foods.
Topic questions than can be answered in essay …

1. What illnesses can be prevented by eating organic food (cancer, etc.)?
2. What are some health risks of consuming pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc. of non-organic foods?
3. Is it worth the extra cost?
4. Why does organic food cost more?
5. Is organic eating becoming more popular and will that help reduce the cost?

Essay Evaluation Criteria…
Is there a thesis sentence with a topic and an angle?
Do all of the topic sentences stick to the main idea that you have analyzed in the thesis?
Does the essay have a clear introduction-body-conclusion order?
Are the ideas in the body arranged in an order appropriate to the thesis, if the thesis indicates an order?
Are the ideas in the essay arranged in a recognizable order appropriate to their content (complexity, time, order of importance)?
When moving from one main idea to the next in the essay’s body, are the moves marked with transitions that show how the new idea relates to the preceding idea?
Are all of the examples and explanations relevant to the thesis and topic sentence ideas?
Is there enough support—are there enough ideas, examples, illustrations—to support the thesis fully?
Are there “enough” specifics and details to fully explain each main or topic sentence idea?
Are the examples and explanations specific and concrete enough so that the reader can understand them and relate them to real-world experience?

Is the language grammatically correct; does it follow accepted grammatical conventions so that a reader can understand it?
Is the language appropriate in style for the writing’s purpose, audience, and context? (e.g., not too formal, too informal, too technical, or too wordy?)
Is the essay written in the writer’s own voice so that the language is “comfortable,” clear, and interesting to both the writer and the reader?
In research essays, is information documented as needed?
Is the documentation format correct? (MLA format for this course)
Has the essay been proofread and is it free of distracting typos and errors?

Disease Analysis Paper


Begin by searching the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website Diseases and Conditions Index to choose a disease or condition of interest to you.

Next, review the website for Healthy People 2020 for information related to the disease or the disease category (e.g., mental health for ADHD).

In your paper, discuss the following:

Prominent aspects of this disease
Current data and statistics related to the disease
Health disparities related to the disease
Prevention strategies including complementary and alternative health therapies
Contemporary research and clinical studies related to the disease
An analysis of the pathophysiologic effects of stress related to the disease
Evidence-based stress management interventions that might help with prevention or cure
The paper should be between 2 pages.

Incorporate at least three scholarly sources within the paper. Sources should be no more than three years old.



Upon plain radiographs and ultrasound the radiologist includes visualization of porcelain gallbladder. What does the term “porcelain gall bladder “ refer to in radiological studies? Below is some relevant information on porcelain gallbladder I found helpful, and thought this may be a source you would be interested in as well.

Movie Report: Inside Out apply to social concept and theory

Movie Report: Inside Out apply to social concept and theory

This is the paper that write a review using five sociological concepts such as socialization, id, superego, re-socialization, group and primary group and two sociological theories such as looking-class self and control theory applied to the movie plot. For instance, how does a particular macro-level issue in this movie fit into structural functionalism or conflict theory? Will symbolic interactionism be a proper theory to explain any micro-level movie plots?
Please edit the grammar mistake and coherence of the paragraphs. And please make proper connection between the movie plots and sociological concepts and theories.


A professional accounting writer has to be chosen for this order. its about performance analysis and evaluation of greggs plc, it is to be compared by 5 companies in the same industry , tesco, sainsburys, morrisons, booker plc and ocado plc. Graphs, tables should be kept. The writer should calculate mean, median and mode for each company after calculating the ratios. A critical analysis is needed regarding their performance.