Answer 1 Question–NBC coverage of VA Tech

In April 2007, two days after a psychotic student, Cho Seung Hui, went on a tragic rampage killing 33 people at Virginia Tech, NBC received a package in the mail from the killer that included in 1,800 word diatribe, along with photos and videos of himself making threats and waving guns and other weapons. NBC aired portions of the material on the nightly news that were quickly picked up by other networks, newspapers, and the Internet. The ethical issues raised by releasing this footage were widely debated. Although NBC took care to edit out disturbing content, it was criticized in some quarters for its insensitive handling of the material and for doing precisely what the psychotic killer intended namely getting his deranged message out to the public. Others argued for full disclosure and criticized the network’s arbitrary ending.
ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Debate in a short paragraph on whether NBC whould have suppressed the material alltogether or released all of the uncensored footage. Or did NBC should have done exactly what it did–air an edited version.
References not paper format needed. Just the paragraph.

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