The role of infrastructure in international development of telecom operators: the case of Tata Communications

The topic: “The role of infrastructure in international development of telecom operators: the case of Tata Communications”. The program is a Master of Science in Information and Communication technologies Business Management. The thesis with defence is the last thing missed before I get my Master degree. The format is approximately 20000 words or more + appendices. It should include: – Critical literature review on the role of infrastructure in international development and competitiveness of telecom operators (i.e. as opposed to virtual operators) outining both advantage or drawbacks of such approach. – It should include research questions, plus, managerial and technical questions for interviews I will make by meself with employees and managers in a French telecom operator about this topic, so I need you to prepare these questions for me, then I’ll make my interviews and after, i’ll send them back to you to make the analysis and discution. – A historical case study of the development of Tata Communications of minimum 20 pages. – A separate analysis chapter using the information in the case study to investigate the role of infrastructure in this development. – Discussion. Collection of information must be original, as well as analysis must be original. Providing bits of analysis by mason, idate, gartner, etc… will not be accepted, except in the discussion to compare my findings with their findings. The Templet of the thesis is in the attachements as well as the proposal templet which is the first two chapters from the original templet “the templet includes instructions as well”. I would like you to provide me the proposal first to show it to my supervisor and be sure that I’m on the right track. My plan is: as soon as I recieve the pre-thesis from you I’ll send it to my supervisor, and then after his comments I’ll be able to tell you all instructions. the references format specified in the templet attached here. I would like to make sure that you got the idea and you can provide me a well done thesis before I pay. Thank you in advance. P.S the paper format is not Harvard, please find attached the right format.

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