Leadership and strategic planning

select a change that management could undertake that would lead to improvement or select one that is available in the Virtual Hospital.  Using a change process discussed in Chapter 8 of your text and detail the steps required to initiate this change, including the role of the change agent.  Complete and submit a 2-3 page paper in APA format.

1. Explains in detail the rationale for selection of a change that management could undertake.

2. Explains in detail why the change is needed.

3. Selects a change process and outlines all of the steps necessary to initiate the change.

4. Identifies the three phases of planned change and gives examples of actions needed in each phase specific to the proposed change.

5. Identifies the change agent and discusses the role of the change agent including a minimum of 3 needed skills.

6. Identifies both internal and external forces related to the change and evaluates the need for the change

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