Why Immigration is a Fundamental Human Right

MS PowerPoint Presentation about the Topic of Debate–Argument, with same view point as the previous essay. Make sure to use the same references.

Instructions for Slide Presentation

Be creative, yet remember this is a formal assignment.
Omit slang and contractions. Remember perception is everything.
The presentation aligns with the topic and Annotated Bibliography.
Slide 1: Should have identifying information, along with your topic choice.
Slides 2-: Will contain background information in a brief and concise format, quantifying data, quotations, and pictures.Within the body of the slides you will also present your position about the topic and defend why your position is the best position.
Slide 8, 9, 10: The last slide whether it is slide 8, 9, or 10 will be your APA Style References that are associated within in-text citations, which are also APA Style. *The last slide ends your presentation.

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